Who I am

connieHello. My name is Connie Umbenhower and I help people travel on unique and authentic journeys off the beaten path, specifically in the Himalayan foothills of India and Bhutan.

Why Travel With me

Girls_00081Although I currently live in the United States, I am fortunate enough to have been able to travel extensively in addition to living in unique locations ranging from the Himalayan foothills of Northeastern India to the Yukon Territory in Canada, and of course the United States.

My passion and love for India resulted in the creation of Himalayan Boot Camp, a company dedicated to providing sustainable, responsible tourism coupled with “giving back” opportunities to the local communities we visit.

Combining these attributes with my in-depth knowledge and understanding of the local regions of the Himalayan foothills and my experience of living in the United States enables me to provide you as my client, with the ultimate travel experience through the eyes of a local, coupled with the subtle comforts appreciated by the Western traveler.

Authentic LBook_Shotocal Cuisine

Additionally, my love for India includes Indian cuisine which led me to write my book The Deity Diet. My book provides a combination of my experiences, different styles of cooking, and delicious family recipes. The Deity Diet discusses the nutritional and medicinal values of herbs and spices, and how to easily incorporate them into normal everyday foods, including some beloved recipes from my childhood.

Garbanzo_CurryDuring your travels in India with Himalayan Boot Camp you will be feasting not only on wonderful, genuine Indian cuisine but if your travels include our tours to Bhutan, you will also experience the authentic and indigenous local cuisine of the Bhutanese people and culture.

Fitness and Adventure


Depending on the tour, when you travel with Himalayan Boot Camp you will experience the rich culture of India and/or Bhutan, bask in the beauty of the stunning, remote areas of the Himalayan locales, enjoy delicious local food, have the option of participating in yoga and meditation sessions, fitness hikes and nature walks among fabulous, lush, topical, almost sacred surroundings.

My Commitment to You

resized__200x135_Worker_view_of_ValleyMy team and I care deeply about your ultimate enjoyment of this travel experience with us. We are also mindful of sustaining the environment and the cultures we visit and strive to leave a positive footprint with our local humanitarian efforts.

Our goal is for you to experience an excellent and unforgettable getaway, together with the satisfaction of knowing that through your vacation, you have also made a positive difference and impact to the local community and people you visited.

I would be very honored for you to join me on this amazing experience. For more information please visit our reservations page.

Thank you,

Connie Umbenhower