A Story About Two Little Village Boys

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I have another story about two little village boys I met while traveling through one of the beautiful remote areas of Meghalaya,India after my Oct 08 Himalayan Boot Camp. My husband and I, with my sister and some friends were driving back one late afternoon after spending the day doing some fabulous sightseeing when we came across this little village. The setting sun on this village was so beautiful that we stopped the car for a moment to take some pictures.

While we were taking pictures, I noticed two little boys standing near the side of the road, by a stone quarry, looking at us. They just looked so cute I asked them if I could take a picture. The older brother (who was about four years old), as soon as he realized we were going to take their picture, shouted to us to wait and ran to his little hut nearby and brought out this little pair of shoes that he put on his younger two year old brother so his little brother can have his picture taken with his shoes on. It was just done with so much dignity for such a small child. This just really tugged at my heart as I took some pictures of them.



This experience has really been on my mind since then, and I have been thinking that I have been so blessed and take so much for granted, I really would like to do more. Perhaps there is a way for me to help some of the children in the region.  I am still investigating one of my ideas and will update you on a future blog post. Please stay tuned!

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  1. Sherry says:

    Great, touching story. I had something simliar happen when I volunteered in Delhi. It is something that sticks with you and your brain ‘chews’ on for a while trying to get into their heads and see through their eyes.

  2. [...] something meaningful for some of these people who struggle very hard just to make a living and to help underpriviledged children in the region, however my busy life, career and family responsibilities have kept this as a future [...]

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