Heart Healthy Meals – Rainbow Salad

My Himalayan tours are all about delicious food such as our rainbow salad of delicious local vegetables, herbs and spices of the area. Although some of those greens are not available in the bay area I have found some nutritious  substitutes which I posted in a recipe a few months ago and am also sharing as a video version below.

This nutritious recipe includes power greens such as Kale and Swiss Chard. Did you know that one cup of Kale provides over 300% of Vitamin A and 80% of your Vitamin C daily needs,  while Swiss Chard provides 374% of your Vitamin K daily needs.

Other ingredients include bell peppers – high in antioxidants, phytochemicals and lycopene, known to fight heart disease, stroke and cancer while  Cilantro is a powerful cleansing agent, good for the digestion and full of antibacterial qualities.

YouTube Preview Image

The ingredients make for a filling, wonderful meal by itself or with some grilled chicken, sliced and layered over the top. It is also featured as one of recipes in The New GreenGrocer Cookbook that Pete Carcioni re-published in honor of his father Joe Carcioni the original “Greengrocer”.

Do you have a favorite recipe you would like to share? Or perhaps a healthy nutritious one that has been a big hit with your kids?  Do share so we can all benefit and enjoy.


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  1. Julie Labes says:

    It looks lovely. i am not a big kale and chard fan though..my hubby eats a ton of it which is probably why he is super healthy. It really does look good though so perhaps I should give them another chance. I do love peppers and all those other veggies. As I was watching the video David heard the ingredients and wanted to know what it was and came over to watch so I suspect we will be eating a rainbow salald in the near future

    I make a spinach and feta lasagna which my kids just love

    Julie Labes,…The Fierce over 50 feels much younger point and click junkie loves to travel does not use a jogging stroller and before you ask this is NOT my granddaughter..Woman

  2. Pat Zahn says:

    Looks Awesome Connie! I love Kale and go through fits of obsession where I’m constantly making Kale chips in my dehydrator. My daughter just likes them tossed with a tiny amount of olive oil and sea salt and done in the oven.

    Pat Zahn, Photo Solutions Superhero

  3. This looks is a yummy looking salad. I have plans to make it for my husband when he returns from deployment its completely different from anything we have ever tried before. I let you know how it turns out.

    Lisa Ann Landry
    I’m an exuberant force of light… Come light up your life

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