The Deity Diet

Because of my treasured memories and love for India, and my interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I created Himalayan Boot Camp and my book, The Deity Diet which focuses on healing herbs and spices and how to easily include them as part of your daily diet.

Together they combine the rich culture of India, the beautiful, stunning remote areas of the Himalayan region, and healthy, delicious and nutritious cuisine with an Indian twist.


About The Book

Discover The Deity Diet’s hidden secrets…

*  10 top herbs and spices that help you live a healthier life.

*  Discover easy ways to add these healing ingredients to your everyday foods for delicious flavors while improving your health.

*  Learn about which herbs or spices aid in appetite suppression, reduce the risks of cancer, and more…

*  Infuse modern medical knowledge with old traditional healing powers.

You can buy my book from for $14.95 or you can purchase an autographed copy directly from me at the special price of $11.99 by clicking on the Buy Now button below.



Indian Dinner Cooking Class

Join me and cuisinelearn how to make delicious Indian cuisine at home using fresh and wholesome ingredients.

You will experience the fragrance of different spices as you learn how to easily create authentic delicious dishes.

Additionally, you will get insider tips on where to find Indian spices and how to preserve them for freshness.

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What people are saying about our workshops and recipes…

Every goddess and god ought to check out the Deity Diet. The dishes from these recipes aren’t just healthy – they’re delicious! I’ve been trying to make a decent fish curry for years now, and Umbenhower’s Spicy Halibut Curry is the first one I’ve found that delivers the goodies.

Great recipes, sensible advice, and a fascinating narrative on the writer’s Indian family and childhood – all rolled into one book. You don’t have to be Indian or need a “diet” to love the Deity Diet.

Marcy Sheiner.

I had the opportunity to learn some fabulous cooking tips from the Deity Diet Queen and founder of Himalayan Bootcamp, Connie Umbenhower, this weekend. MMMMmmmm…. was the food delicious! And healthy!

I can’t wait for the Deity Diet to come out. I’ll be buying a copy for all the cooks in my family!

Beth Sullivan.

I had the pleasure of having dinner with Connie Umbenhower as she was testing recipes for her book. Everything she prepared was fantastic! Much lighter than traditional Indian cuisine, with 100% great flavor. Now that the book is released, I have my very own copy. I love this cookbook, because of the great assortment of recipes, cooking philosophy, and the personal stories behind the recipes.

As I read Connie’s stories, it brought back memories of time I had spent in India. I have a number of other Indian cook books, but they don’t have the warmth and personality that the Deity Diet has.

I highly recommend this book and can’t wait to try every recipe!

Monique Hodgkinson.


Thank you so much. You are inspirational. The Bible says the older women are supposed to teach the younger women. I have learned so much.

Thank you!   Valerie Fulton.

I loved the food! Your cooking is fabulous! I loved the seeing the recipes and watching you demonstrate how to make the delicious food.

I can’t wait to go to India! My daughter won’t stop asking when we are going to do this again! Thank you so much for giving us this experience.

Kristine Twite.

The Deity Diet is a fabulous find! It has heartwarming stories, mouthwatering recipes and useful information on herbs and spices.

Last month, I made the “Light & Spicy Vindaloo Beef” recipe for some friends and it was a huge success! The curry tasted exactly the like my favorite Indian restaurant’s version, but it was much more healthy. I also made the Dal and Whole Wheat Chapatti recipes, and was happy to see how easy they were to make. I’ve always wanted to make Indian food, and now, with the help of the Deity Diet, I can!

Cynthia Edwards