himalayasHimalayan Boot Camp is about releasing you from the demands of your hectic life and transporting you on a journey to the exotic and beautiful Himalayan Foothills of India.

Challenge your body while relaxing your mind and spirit. Surrounded by the sights, smells, and spices of India, luxuriously unwind, and set your life on the path toward well-being, health and happiness.

Experience a culture where food is treasured for its potency, exciting colors and flavors, and medicinal properties.

Winter_blooms_on_the_VerandahWe do not specifically focus on weight loss, however our program includes a variety of walks and hikes, therefore losing weight may be a side benefit from all the activities and delicious, healthy meals you will enjoy while you are with us.

Please note that some of our trips focus more on cultural excursions rather than  remaining in one place for an extended time, therefore you may be traveling to different regions of India and Bhutan for “must see” stunning and  incredible  panoramic views.

However, rest assured that there will be plenty of hikes and walks, authentic gourmet cuisine, and numerous opportunities to enjoy the cultures your visit, and comfortable (sometimes luxurious accommodations) where you can unwind at the end of the day.

Join us on this extraordinary adventure and enjoying a rich, rewarding and memorable experience.