About NFSJ

About NFSJ

March 25, 2014

Reporting of science journalism has not gained a momentum in Nepal. Very few issues about science have come to light in newspaper, online, television and other media in Nepal. Under the given circumstances, Nepal Forum of Science Journalists (NFSJ) has been formed with the initiative of working journalists for the promotion of ‘science journalism’.

Nepal Forum of Science Journalists (NFSJ) is a nonprofit social organization where a total of 25 science journalists working in news agency, newspaper, TV and online are affiliated with.

Formally registered at Kathmandu District Administration Office on January 27, 2014, Nepal Forum of Science Journalists (NFSJ) has aimed at capacity building of journalists covering the issues of science-technology, health, environment, agriculture, astronomy and other related fields.



  • NFSJ shall help bring out the news, news features, reports and articles on science-technology, health, environment, agriculture, information-technology through print and audio-visual media;
  • Shall conduct seminars and interaction programs for the reforms required in the field of science and technology;
  • Shall assist the experts and policy makers through in-depth articles and research papers in policy making;
  • Shall receive supports and suggestions from experts to carry out researches and other works in the field of science;
  • Shall conduct trainings, seminars, interactions and capacity building programs for skills and capacity enhancement of science journalists;
  • Shall carry out comparative studies on science policies of neighboring and third countries, conduct researches and consultations on our context and offer suggestions and recommendations;
  • Shall publish news, bulletins and journals on science;
  • Shall conduct interactions, seminars, meetings, conference, dialogues, researches and awareness raising campaigns on science related issues.

NFSJ has planned to run seminars, workshops and trainings with coordination from different national and international organizations for the promotion of science journalism. Efforts would be carried out for development of science journalism in Nepal by establishing relationships with different international organizations of science journalists. We have hoped that such programs would further help sensitize the science issues and give more space to science news in Nepali media. It is expected that our steps would play crucial roles to disseminate the news and bring out the issues to the general readers. We will pay attention for other publications that promote science journalism.

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