Govt slammed for unclear science policy

Govt slammed for unclear science policy

Govt slammed for unclear science policy

February 12, 2017

KATHMANDU: Participants at an interaction program this Saturday said that science plays an indispensable role in the holistic development of the country.

At the program organized by Nepal Forum of Science Journalists on topic, ‘Physics in Nepal: Challenges and Opportunities’’, Prof. Dr. Jivraj Pokharel from Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) said, “ Practicing inclusive knowledge of science in a day to day live both theoretically and practically helps in poverty reduction. Countries that do not provide primary importance to science as a development tool are still lagging behind. Nepal is an example.”

“In Nepal, physics and other sciences not only have challenges, but also a platform for opportunities held within them. Despite having tendencies of facing challenges on applying these procedures, we must consider taking necessary steps for scientific development works as it ensures long- term security,” he said.

Pokharel further said that science concludes an indispensable relationship with human life and as a whole the principles of science is focused with human welfare.

“On various scientific researches in NAST also, we came across various useful procedures that were very useful for environment. We must therefore continue to come up with various researches in the future as well. For this, necessary steps need to be taken by the government including Ministry of Science and Technology and other organizations like NAST for the development of this sector,” he added.

Also speaking, Prof. Uday Raj Khanal said that about unclear government’s policy over science and technology are the reasons for the country’s underdevelopment.

“Science is not the reason behind country’s lagging development, the reason is the unclear policy of the government. We do have scientific education and a proper platform for scientific researches, but what we lack is creativity. We do not consider inventing; we consider depending and continuing the same old strategies that were there from the beginning.”

Likewise, Prof. Ram Prasad Khatiwada, Dean of Science and Technology faculty of TU, said that a person on science field should have a critical thinking skill.

“A person in a science should be able to take any sort of challenges and needs to move forward with a board perception. The person should have knowledge on a thing he/she is experimenting,” he said.

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