Himalayan Climate Boot Camp Project at a Glance

Himalayan Climate Boot Camp 2022

Himalayan Climate Boot Camp Project at a Glance

February 21, 2022

Project idea in a single sentence

The project is a unique initiative to foster climate and environment science journalism in the Hindu Kush region.

Project objectives

The Himalayan Climate Bootcamp intends to fill the gap in critical scientific reporting on environment and climate change and empower a group of 8 journalists: 4 from Nepal, 2 each from India and Bangladesh from diverse economic, regional, socio-cultural and ethnic backgrounds with the necessary knowledge, skill and mindset to produce impactful environment and climate stories. Specific objectives are:

  • To impart nuanced science reporting skills for evidence-backed coverage of climate stories to 8 selected journalists
  • To provide a web-based platform for journalists to share their climate change and environment science related stories produced after participating in the bootcamp
  • To develop a mechanism for regional and global dissemination of the impactful stories published by the participating journalists from three countries.

Project Milestones and Deliverables


  • Key knowledge resources and skills sharing
  • Ground zero reporting of climate and environment issues focusing on adaptation and mitigation challenges
  • Creation of a web portal for posting stories/experience-based blogs from the bootcamp


  • Each bootcamp participant will produce 2 stories backed by science (in any format – online, print, multimedia) within 6 months.
  • Preliminary findings of the bootcamp will be shared in the upcoming global conference of World Federation of Science Journalists to be held in Medellin, Colombia from June 27-July 1st,2022.

Stages of Project Implementation

The project will be implemented under three stages

Stage I: Pre-Bootcamp Activities: Application Call and Selection of Participants, Consultative meeting with government, NGO/INGOs and media, Two days virtual orientation workshop on Himalayan Climate Science, Launch of web portal.

Stage II: Himalayan Climate Boot Camp, Coverage of field based climate stories (content, video, podcast etc.) by the fellows.

Stage III: Documentation of project, dissemination and policy dialogues

Bootcamp Summary

The bootcamp will take place in the Everest region from April 22-24, 2022. A total of 15 participants including core project team members, trainers and selected journalists will be accompanyingto the bootcamp location. The three day bootcamp will be held in the vicinity of Namche Bazar area.

Under the mentorship of two eminent personalities: leading climate journalist and a climate researcher from India and Nepal, the bootcamp will involve open and profound interaction and critical discussion among participants and mentors, drawn from eminent science and environment journalists. The project will employ ‘Focus Group Discussions’ and ‘Key Informant Interviews’ as tools for gathering data and information pertaining to climate change scenario in the Everest region. Participants will be taken to field visits in the community around Syangboche and Khumjung region to obtain first-hand information on the range of impacts faced by communities including their adaptation and mitigation challenges. Back at the bootcamp, they will be encouraged to relate their ground investigation to the latest scientific evidence or the lack thereof.

Project Outcomes and Intended Impacts

With majority of climate stories in the region dominated by secondary literature, this will be a groundbreaking opportunity for journalists to actually observe, interact and develop authentic climate stories with unparalleled mentorship experience.

The immediate impact of the project will be the coverage of climate issues based on the cardinal principles of science journalism facing the region and its dissemination to the local community in which the project will be based. The impact will transcend beyond the local community after the bootcamp days as the journalists outside Nepal will continue to report and publish climate stories.

This project is expected to inspire other journalists in the region to replicate similar type of project though not exactly the same for empowering science journalists. The ultimate goal is to create a vibrant community of science journalists who continue to reimagine the ways of doing science journalism adopting novel approaches to explore hidden facets of climate issues and its several dimensions including socio-cultural, political and economic.

Project Duration

The total duration of the project will be of one year commencing from Jan 2022 to Dec 2022.

Project Funding

The project has been funded by Spark Grant Initative under the auspices of World Federation of Science Journalists

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