NFSJ organizes a virtual interaction on science and environment Journalism

Navin Singh Khadka

NFSJ organizes a virtual interaction on science and environment Journalism

February 7, 2022


Nepal Forum of Science Journalists (NFSJ) organized a virtual interaction on various facets of science journalism including environment and climate change. The session invited Navin Singh Khadka, a renowned Environment Journalist affiliated to BBC World Service to share his experiences and insights regarding the opportunities and challenges of environmental journalism in Nepal. Journalist Khadka called upon the new generation of environment and science journalists to pursue their profession with passion and commitment.

“Although science journalism seems purely a technical field and appears difficult to pursue, it will become easier with continuous reading and journalistic engagements ” , remarked Khadka. Mr. Khadka shed light on the emerging scope in this field ranging from the opportunities of pitching environment and climate stories to regional and global media to the prospect of hunting media grant pertaining to climate change and environment.

Meanwhile, Chhatra Karki, Founding President of NFSJ opined that fact checking is must in science Journalism. “ A science journalist should be aware of misinformation, disinformation and fake news”, Mr. Karki further elaborated.

Secretary of NFSJ, GobindaPokharel, highlighted the need of science journalism to disseminate scientific research findings to the public.

The virtual discussion was attended by young journalists, freelance writers in the field of science and environment journalism.

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